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New Advanced Technologies


Decompression Traction System

Decompression Traction System is one of the advanced effective equipment our clinic has implemented for patients with the necessary needs. Decompression treatment has been favoured by many professional practitioners and patients as it yields strong results for patients with spinal issues. Much of the back pain is due to the pressure from the intervertebral disc component, called nucleus pulpous acting on the spinal nerves. The pressure produced by the protrusion of the nucleus pulpous can be caused by many reasons, which include degeneration from aging, daily activities, and improper postures. Decompression Traction System is a non-invasive therapy with a treatment time of 20-30 minutes. The purpose of the equipment is to apply traction and body positioning on the spine. To alleviate the pressure on the intervertebral discs, allowing the nucleus pulpous of the intervertebral disc to retract and to heal. Thus, the back pain will be eliminated as pressure on the nerve is removed. Furthermore, the decompression traction systems can help with the following symptoms:

• Radiation or Sciatic pain

• Degenerative discs

• Bulging discs

• Acute facet issue

• Joint pain

• Discogenic pain

• Compression Joint Disease

• Spinal Root



Laser Therapy


Our clinic provides laser treatments with the Intellect Mobile Laser machine. Laser treatment is a treatment that uses intense beams of light at a particular wavelength to assist in the reduction of pain caused by injuries. As the lights are targeted onto the injury, photobiomodulation process will occur. This process can reduce pain by acting on cells at a physiological level. With the Low- Level Laser Therapy, the red infrared light can repair soft tissue damages and alleviate associated pain. Other benefits with laser therapy include:

• Increased speed of reproduction and cell growth

• Reduced inflammation and pain

• Reduced scars induced by surgery, cuts and etc.

• Increased blood flow




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