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Traditional Chinese Medicine

    • Acupuncture

      Like many of the Traditional Chinese Medicinal treatments, Acupuncture also promotes natural body healing processes and overall physical functions. This therapy achieves this therapeutic effect through the insertion of a sterilized needle into the acupoints of the body. In the Traditional Chinese Medicinal Community, the human body is controlled by two forces: Yin and Yang; these two forces are balanced by an energy flow called “qi”. Qi follows a pathway called meridians. If the qi is obstructed then the entire force will be imbalanced, leading to pain or illness. However, with the acupuncture therapy targeting these specific acupoints, they can release the obstruction and stimulate the healing process of the body; thus providing relief to symptoms.

    • Dieda

      Many people will experience injury at some point in their lives, especially sports related injuries for athletes. Dieda is a very effective treatment for these types of injuries as it largely focuses on the recovery from sprain (injury caused by overly stretched ligaments), strain (muscle fibers being tear induced by stretching) and joint related injuries (eg. joint dislocation). This treatment includes the application of topical Traditional herbal medicine to increase the rate of recovery and to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. Acupuncture can also be coupled with dieda if requested by clients.

    • Gua Sha (Spooning or Coining)

      Gua Sha is one of the many Traditional Chinese treatments that utilize a smooth instrument to achieve therapeutic effects. The therapist will apply a downward motion in a scraping fashion across the body; with every stroke, the skin will appear as a red or purple-like colour. This is termed “Sha” in the Traditional Chinese Medicine community and is also known as the unhealthy substances produced at the site. By removing these unhealthy substances, the body can recover at a faster rate and to reduce any inflammation and pain associated.

    • Cupping

      A number of Olympians - including Michael Phelps have been photographed with large red circles on their skin. Cupping is an ancient therapy which requires the use of cups to generate suction on the skin. The cups come in variety of different materials; they could be made out of glass or bamboo. Furthermore, cupping therapy is divided into dry and wet cupping. For dry cupping, the cups are heated in order to generate the suction which can then be placed on the body. The technique for wet cupping is similar to dry cupping except small incisions are made at the cupping regions. In wet Cupping, cups are removed after a short period of time and a tiny incision will be made; then cups will be placed again in order to remove small amount of blood through suction. The purpose is to remove any toxins from the body and to increase the rate of body healing. Cupping helps with a huge variety of ailments from muscle problem, plain relief, arthritis, insomnia, fertility issues, and cellulite.

      • Skin disorders

      • Depression/ Anxiety

      • Arthritis

      • Reproductive related disorders

      • Headache



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