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Stress is known to increase the risk of many health issues like strokes, various pain, hypertension (high blood pressure), digestive issues, muscles problems and depression. Massage therapy is an efficient and effective way in treating the symptoms stated previously. This therapy involves the manipulation of muscles, tendons, joints, and soft and deep tissues in order to act on the nervous, muscular and circulatory system. As a result of the actions on the systems, physical and emotional functions will improve; and most importantly, it relaxes body muscles and alleviates symptoms induced by stress.

    • Aromatherapy

      Aromatherapy is one of the massage therapies that require the use of essential oils. Depending on the type of the oil used, it will have different beneficial effects. Such that the lavender oil primarily targets relaxation, while rose oil has antiseptic and antidepressant effects. By combining the therapeutic massage and the effects of essential oil, it allows clients to relax their mind and body; thus enhancing the recovery of body functions.

    • Hot Stone Massage

      During this therapy, heated smooth stones will be placed on the body by the massage therapist. The heat released from the hot stones will be transferred to the muscles and to relieve muscle tension. As a result, massage therapist can work on the muscles more effectively and to achieve maximum results.

    • Hydrotherapy Massage

      This therapy combines the use of water and massage to generate a relaxing and beneficial therapy by relaxing muscle tension; alleviating various pains and promoting blood circulation. Furthermore, this therapy is divided into different styles to suit the different needs of clients, these styles include: steam, ice, wax, and wrap

    • Prenatal Massage

      This prenatal massage is an excellent therapy for expectant mothers as the therapy is intended to ease stress and pain associated with pregnancy. It will ease the swelling on the limbs and any types of pain such as back pain.

    • Infant Massage

      Massage therapy is not only an enjoyable therapy for adults; it could also be a beneficial and comfortable experience for infants as well. The infant massage will assist in growth, sleeping pattern, and digestive issues such as constipation. Most importantly, it allows infant to be calmed and relaxed

    • Lymphatic Drainage

      Lymphatic system is a major component in having the body to function properly. The drainage of the system allows the waste products to be removed from our tissues and through the lymph nodes for immune system purposes; and back to the heart. Due to its importance, it is necessary to ensure the flow of the drainage. The efficiency of this drainage can be dramatically improved by lymphatic drainage massage. It does this by having the therapist apply a certain amount of pressure in a rhythmic pattern on the whole body. Therefore, clients can benefit from issues such as sinusitis, chronic inflammation, migraines, and many more.

    • Osteopathy

      Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that focuses on the body tissues and bones. Osteopath is used to treat against skeletal and muscular issues.

    • Reflexology

      Reflexology is a treatment targeting specific zones and reflex regions on the feet. These zones and regions mirror the different organs and bodily system. Firstly, the herbal medicinal feet bath is prepared for clients to bathe in and the massage therapy will proceed shortly after. By massaging these zones and reflex regions that corresponds to the organ or system, the issues associated can be treated.

    • Thai massage

      Thai massage works differently than the other massages as it does not require any use of oils and lotions. Common massages involve with massaging parts of the body with hands, thumbs, or fingers in a circular or rhythmic pattern; however, for Thai massage, the massage is primarily stretching, pulling, compressing and positioning in different yoga-positions with rhythmic pressures. There are many physical, emotional and psychological benefits. These benefits include promoting muscles flexibility, muscles toning, and emotional balance. All these can be performed with loose clothing.

    • Shiatsu Massage

      Shiatsu massage is a Japanese style massage that focuses on the mind and body as a whole. This therapy involves use of thumbs, palms and fingers along with pressure on the acupoint by a registered massage therapist. By applying pressure on these acupoint, it will increase blood circulation; reduces muscle pains and stresses.

    • Swedish Massage

      Swedish massage is a common type of massage therapy and it is a better massage for someone who has never done massage therapy before. For this type of massage, the therapist will apply specialized massage oil or lotion and begin to work it in a sweeping or circular motion.

    • Tuina

      Tuina is a Traditional Chinese Medicinal form of massage therapy. By applying pressure on acupoints either through press, rub, or roll, this will ensure the fluent flow of “qi” which then allows energy to be spread to different parts of body. This form of therapy can be coupled with fire cupping, acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine special techniques. Through these combinations, it allows clients to experience the most relaxed and effective treatment of all.



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