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Avitern Health Centre consists of many holistic therapies. Holistic health care, also known as alternative medicine, treats a variety of health issues; issues such as pain, digestive, insomnia, work or sports related injuries, reproductive related and etc.. The way holistic therapies aim to treat the issues is different from other therapies. They focus not only on symptoms of the issues, but also the psychological, mental, and physical conditions of the individuals as one interconnected system. And because of this, the bodily system and immune system will be improved dramatically.

Our clinic was established in 2015 and is comprised of many experienced professionals. With years of professionalism and a high standard of skills, we intend to provide the best experiences and treatment for all clients, allowing patients to recover to their healthy state.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Therapy:

Our centre combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western therapy into one. With this exclusive practice, we target different types of pain and health related issues which minimizes pain and allows clients to resume to regular activities.

However, with individuals who prefer to be treated in either one of the therapies, they are welcome to do so, as our therapists are experts in each styles of therapies.

Our Services:

We hope to provide a satisfactory experience to all clients with our experienced staffs and the following services:

• Physiotherapy

• Chiropractic

• Osteopathy

• Acupuncture


• Massage

• Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

• Reflexology, and many more.

We value all your support and wish to continue to provide our high quality services for you in the future.

Appointments can be made online, email, or phone calls

Contact information:

Telephone: 905-415--9555

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Address: 7828 Kennedy Road., Unit 108, Markham L3R 5P1

Open Hours: Monday to Sunday: 10:00am- 8:00 pm

We are available on certain holidays, please call to find out



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